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Nutritional Counseling in Westford & Chelmsford MA

Dr. Chris talking to patient by supplementsFunctional nutrition addresses some of the underlying causes of disease. At Kowalik Family Chiropractic our goal is to shift the traditional disease-focused outlook to a more patient-centered approach.
Each patient presents with unique factors to take into consideration. Some of these factors include

  • Genetic issues
  • Environmental considerations
  • Lifestyle factors

Functional nutrition supports the unique expression of optimized health.

In Support of the Whole Person

Together with your chiropractic care, you’re welcome to schedule a nutritional consultation with Dr. Chris Kowalik.

Dr. Chris works closely with a highly- regarded lab: Boston Heart Lab Diagnostics.. This company features a state-of-the-art blood panel that cannot be accessed in the office of a primary care doctor. The standards of this testing are impeccable. We also have a phlebotomist visit our office on a regular basis for those patients wishing to have a blood draw. The patient is also given a symptom questionnaire to fill out for a higher level of accuracy. $150.00 is the only cost to the practice member.

When the results are received, Dr. Chris will set aside 45 minutes to review your testing. He’ll then make nutritionally-based, customized recommendations.

Fit Tech Food and Intolerance Testing

We also have the option of providing out patients with a take-home questionnaire that can help them identify foods that are problematic. These troublesome foods are those that cause the immune system to become toxic and inflamed.

Let’s Get Started!

Whether you choose to have a sophisticated blood panel workup, or a take-home test to determine inflammation levels, we can help. We’d love to welcome you as a new patient. Do you have a health problem that you’ve been struggling with? Have you lost hope? We may have the answer you’ve been seeking. Contact our caring office today for a same-day appointment!

Nutrition Counseling Westford, Chelmsford MA | Kowalik Family Chiropractic