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Kowalik Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Westford Patients Say

At Kowalik Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • I was very pleased with my visit today.

    -Rafael S.
  • Very happy with my first visit. I felt that I was asked good questions about my problem and was really listened to.

    - Nancy D.
  • Thanks for your prompt and through care. Wish I had not waited so long! Feel better already!

    -Lynne R.
  • I really enjoyed my first visit and felt the staff and doctor were very friendly and helpful.

    - Joanne F.
  • Great session. Had some good pain relief.

    - Winfield B.
  • Both before my first visit and during my first visit I was impressed. Looking forward to my next visit!

    - Diana K.
  • Staff, environment, treatment. Everything was wonderful!

    - Debra H.
  • It was great start for my first visit to chiropractic professional.

    - Jonathan 
  • Excellent experience and Dr. Kowalik is top notch!

    - Paul D.
  • I feel great knowing I can get relief from my sciatica pain without prescription drugs.

    - Linda D.
  • I am a returning patient of Dr. Kowalik and can always rely on him for sound, practical advice and care.

    - Cynthia C.
  • Thank you! Feeling great after the first session and looking forward to your continued help. It was truly a positive experience overall.

    - Molly F.
  • Very helpful, I am in so much less pain.

    - Mary S.
  • Dr.Chris was extremely thorough in his exam and assessment. I felt assured that he has the knowledge and skill to treat my condition.

    - Cohen D.
  • This was a new experience for me as I had never been to a chiropractor previously. I am hopeful that with their help I’ll be back to my “old” self before long. (This is written after my first visit.)

    - Wes R.
  • Dr. Kowalik was in short an answer to prayer! I was a new patient visiting relatives and needed relief from the pain and discomfort I was experiencing in my lower back. Not only did he dispell my fears of needing surgery, but got me headed down the road to recovery – thank you Dr. Chris!

    - Eric H.

Great Practice! I was extremely pleased with the ease and comfort of my visit. I was started on a plan right away and was greeted by very friendly and professional staff. Excellent experience there! Would highly recommend!

~ Ryan K.

My first visit was a great experience. I like that I was greeted right when I walked in by a very friendly woman at the front desk who got me all set up. Dr. Chris took the time to understand all my aches and pains. I’m looking forward to his help making some of them go away.

~ Jeff E.

Chris is amazing! I brought my 2 year old daughter here for help and Chris is so patient, warm, and knowledgeable. After her first adjustment she actually applauded him and gave him a high five! I can not say enough about Chris and his staff! Only chiropractic office I will ever go to and bring my family!

~ Eleanor B.

As a 24 year old male previously unaware of a short leg, I was grateful to be thoroughly assessed and offered tailored orthotics and an adjustment regiment for 8 weeks to make corrections. I feel confident that by doing my part, and listening to the counsel of Dr. Kowalik, I will be able to make corrections that will lead to a healthier spine. This long-term, holistic approach will protect me from further spinal degradation, prescription pain killers and enable me to become more sure-footed while restoring my overall health. I’m grateful to the Kowalik team for their time and expertise and looking forward to the journey ahead.

~ Joseph R.

I was very pleased with my first visit with Dr. Kowalik’s. I hope I can get to the bottom of my specific issue (which seems to be a bit unusual, at best ) but if not, I would say I am still happy with my experience. Dr. Kowalik is experienced, insightful and has a great demeanor.

~ Dianne C.

I always leave feeling better after seeing Dr. Chris and having an adjustment. The massage therapist, Pamela Moran, is also excellent.

~Margie S.

I was very relaxed with Dr. Chris because he took time to explain to me in words I could understand calmly.

~Marcia C.

Dr. Chris was very thorough. Understood my problem and worked with multiple approaches to heal me.

~Bob M.

I found Dr. Kowalik very helpful letting me know all he was doing and why he was doing it. Am very confident that I will be good as new very quickly.

~Judy K.

I had been away from Dr. Kowaliks care for a while but came back because I was experiencing neck pain and some vision problems. Dr. K’s treatment helped immediately! What a relief!

~Joanne W.

I’m a very knowledgeable recovering quadriplegic that is in the top 0.5% recovery of all spinal cord patients given the level of injury that I have incurred. Chris listened to and understood some of the finer points of the therapy that I have been developing. In fact, he was much better than any other medical doctor that I have dealt with to date. The fact that he had a cold laser therapy machine was quite impressive. As there are very few people in United States that know anything about these devices and their incredible benefits. He even knew what a ketogenic diet was, which is extremely rare. Overall I have great hopes for continuing my incredible recovery with his skillful practice.

~Ed D.

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