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New Patient Reviews

  • This was a new experience for me as I had never been to a chiropractor previously. I am hopeful that with their help I’ll be back to my “old” self before long. (This is written after my first visit.)

    - Wes R.
  • It was great start for my first visit to chiropractic professional.

    - Jonathan 
  • Thanks for your prompt and through care. Wish I had not waited so long! Feel better already!

    -Lynne R.
  • Excellent experience and Dr. Kowalik is top notch!

    - Paul D.
  • I am a returning patient of Dr. Kowalik and can always rely on him for sound, practical advice and care.

    - Cynthia C.
  • Dr. Kowalik was in short an answer to prayer! I was a new patient visiting relatives and needed relief from the pain and discomfort I was experiencing in my lower back. Not only did he dispell my fears of needing surgery, but got me headed down the road to recovery – thank you Dr. Chris!

    - Eric H.
  • Both before my first visit and during my first visit I was impressed. Looking forward to my next visit!

    - Diana K.
  • Dr.Chris was extremely thorough in his exam and assessment. I felt assured that he has the knowledge and skill to treat my condition.

    - Cohen D.
  • Thank you! Feeling great after the first session and looking forward to your continued help. It was truly a positive experience overall.

    - Molly F.
  • I was very pleased with my visit today.

    -Rafael S.
  • Very happy with my first visit. I felt that I was asked good questions about my problem and was really listened to.

    - Nancy D.
  • I really enjoyed my first visit and felt the staff and doctor were very friendly and helpful.

    - Joanne F.
  • Staff, environment, treatment. Everything was wonderful!

    - Debra H.
  • I feel great knowing I can get relief from my sciatica pain without prescription drugs.

    - Linda D.
  • Very helpful, I am in so much less pain.

    - Mary S.
  • Great session. Had some good pain relief.

    - Winfield B.

As a 24 year old male previously unaware of a short leg, I was grateful to be thoroughly assessed and offered tailored orthotics and an adjustment regiment for 8 weeks to make corrections. I feel confident that by doing my part, and listening to the counsel of Dr. Kowalik, I will be able to make corrections that will lead to a healthier spine. This long-term, holistic approach will protect me from further spinal degradation, prescription pain killers and enable me to become more sure-footed while restoring my overall health. I’m grateful to the Kowalik team for their time and expertise and looking forward to the journey ahead.

~ Joseph R.

I was very pleased with my first visit with Dr. Kowalik’s. I hope I can get to the bottom of my specific issue (which seems to be a bit unusual, at best ) but if not, I would say I am still happy with my experience. Dr. Kowalik is experienced, insightful and has a great demeanor.

~ Dianne C.

I always leave feeling better after seeing Dr. Chris and having an adjustment. The massage therapist, Pamela Moran, is also excellent.

~Margie S.

I was very relaxed with Dr. Chris because he took time to explain to me in words I could understand calmly.

~Marcia C.

Dr. Chris was very thorough. Understood my problem and worked with multiple approaches to heal me.

~Bob M.

I found Dr. Kowalik very helpful letting me know all he was doing and why he was doing it. Am very confident that I will be good as new very quickly.

~Judy K.

I had been away from Dr. Kowaliks care for a while but came back because I was experiencing neck pain and some vision problems. Dr. K’s treatment helped immediately! What a relief!

~Joanne W.

I’m a very knowledgeable recovering quadriplegic that is in the top 0.5% recovery of all spinal cord patients given the level of injury that I have incurred. Chris listened to and understood some of the finer points of the therapy that I have been developing. In fact, he was much better than any other medical doctor that I have dealt with to date. The fact that he had a cold laser therapy machine was quite impressive. As there are very few people in United States that know anything about these devices and their incredible benefits. He even knew what a ketogenic diet was, which is extremely rare. Overall I have great hopes for continuing my incredible recovery with his skillful practice.

~Ed D.